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PARROT and EGGS BREEDER's has been training and breeding parrots for sale for more than 09 years. We've been breeding and raising birds for most of our lives....Note: If you already own a parrot and are trying to get help to understand your pet better give us a call or email us. We are Bird Behaviorist Specialists. We can teach you how to modify you parrots behavior and help you teach your parrot to become a better family pet.


Is your Parrot intelligent? Smart enough to talk? Would you like your Parrot to talk to you? Do you know how to teach your Parrot to talk?
Most people only think that African Grey Parrots, Cockatoos or the larger Macaw Parrots are the only parrots that can talk. This is incorrect! Any parrot can learn to talk! All they need is the proper instruction.Another tip to remember when you want to start teaching your parrot to talk, is the location of his cage.

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